The Skinny on Brown Bag Concerts

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If you haven't heard of the Brown Bag Concert Series, here's the skinny!  So behind the West Monroe Farmers' Market, there is a pavilion available for rent for special occasions and events.  It was being under-utilized, so the West Monroe-West Ouachita Chamber of Commerce concocted the idea of making it available to the public (FOR FREE) for one hour on Wednesdays during the months of May and September.  From 12 to 1 PM on those days, anyone is welcome to come hear some of the talented artists in our area play music (again, FOR FREE)!  There are many people from the senior center who attend; lots of young moms and their tots come to dance and play in the grass and several businesspeople who just want to get out of the office and relax on their lunch break.

Speaking of lunch, Newk's shows up each week and sells $5 sack lunches for anyone who may want to have half a sandwich, a bag of chips, and a brownie (and it's filling).  Tea and lemonade are free for anyone thirsty!  And if you'd like to mix it up some, the beignet guy "Castor and Chicory" is usually there also featuring $5 lunches as well as his normal menu items.

So you're probably thinking, today is the last Wednesday of September and it's well past 1:00; I've missed the boat!  Nope!!  There will be one more special concert on Friday, September 30th (same time, same place) to kick off the Celtic Festival which will be happening the following day at Kiroli Park in West Monroe.  And on top of that, these shows will continue on in October but take place in Monroe.  We will definitely check one or two of them out and update!!